I am loving the user-friendliness and compatibility of the MyFitnessPal App. It syncs with my FitBit Flex and it has a great bar code scanner that allows you to easily keep a food diary with correct portion size information.

I logged onto the actual website today and created a personal weight ticker. Here it is.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

I also started taking these Hydroxycut instant drink mixes.



I guess I will give it two – three weeks and see if they help in the battle of the bulge.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Spring Break Project #3

I have a vision for my kitchen. It all started with Pinterest. A little taste of the dream –




A big thanks to my friend, Tim, who is a contractor and my best friend Julie for all their help. Here’s to a little kitchen demolition and rejuvenation . . .

My BEFORE kitchen

kitchen before

Moving the cabinets around . . .

kitchen 2

kitchen 5

Goodbye forever Z-Brick!


Plastering the damage from removing Z-Brick.


The “temporary” AFTER

temporary kitchen

I know I have some messy counters right now, but at least there’s some progress! Check out that crown molding up top. :)

Spring Break Project #2

I’m super excited to share this with you all. Today’s spring break project is literally the culmination months of work . . . from covering the floors with paper and literally re-plastering the walls to final wood work and hanging the chandelier. . .

from my house to yours



painting dining room

new chandelier

Cleaning up dining room