Spring Break Project #2

I’m super excited to share this with you all. Today’s spring break project is literally the culmination months of work . . . from covering the floors with paper and literally re-plastering the walls to final wood work and hanging the chandelier. . .

from my house to yours



painting dining room

new chandelier

Cleaning up dining room

Spring Break Project #1

 Retaining wall

Each day of my Spring Break I have committed to working on at least one project in or outside the house.

Purpose: To keep mud from piling up on the sidewalk

Long Range Plan: Work throughout the spring/summer to add a new row of stone to make a tapered retaining wall and flowerbed garden


1. Dig. Dig a lot. Try to make the earth level and start your first layer of stones about two inches below a firm surface (like the sidewalk).

2. Put down a layer of black weed-block fabric and pin it into the ground.

3. Put down your first layer of stones. Use a mallet and a level to make sure the entire row is set evenly.

4. Use a masonry chisel and a hammer to carefully slice stones to the correct half size pieces for fitting difficult ends. Also be are that if you are building a rounded wall, you do not have to do what I am about to explain. If you are building a squared off wall, you might need to carefully hammer off a corned of the bottom lip on the stone so that it sits securely at an angle.

5. Continue building on layers until you reach desired height. Note that retaining wall stones have a lip to catch the row below and sit firmly so that they do not slide around.

6. Replace dirt (picking out large unsightly roots). Add capstones.

Kitchen Ceiling

first skim coat with tape

It’s finally happened.

I got out the drywall compound and tackled the patchwork half of my kitchen ceiling . . .


Here’s to two days of snow day accomplishment!